Mixed Model Manufacturing
Live Online Event
May 11-13, 2021

Foundational elements of Lean and the Toyota Production System...How the world's best companies build products.


About the event

Have you ever wanted to see a best-in-industry Lean Factory? How about a Toyota factory? How about getting inside one of the best examples of Mixed Model Manufacturing on the planet?

Now is your chance! With COVID-19 restrictions the ability to tour most factories in person is still not possible for now. But…Toyota Material Handling in Columbus, Indiana, has agreed to host a live virtual event at their award-winning plant,  including plant tours, private training on the Toyota Production System, and live Q&A sessions. 

Add to that a “crash course” in Mixed Model Manufacturing by the authors of The Complete Guide to Mixed Model Line Design, Richard Rahn and Gerard Leone. Richard and Gerard are long-time partners with Toyota in presenting these events, and are pleased to join TMH for this first-ever event. See below how to grab your ticket!

Event Hosts and Presenters

Richard has been coaching and teaching Lean Manufacturing since 1989, and has been leading the Lean Design Studio effort during the Covid-19 era.  Over the past 25 years he has trained thousands of Lean professionals in Mixed Model Manufacturing, and co-authored 8 books on the subject.

Gerard is the co-author of eight books on Lean Manufacturing, and the leader of Leonardo Group’s Lean Hospital practice. He has led Lean transformations with many of the world’s best companies. He has taught Mixed Model workshops hosted by Toyota for the past 8 years.

Tom is currently an Ambassador for Toyota Material Handling, reflecting his deep knowledge and understanding of all of the elements of  the Toyota Production System. His involvement at Toyota Material Handling dates almost to its opening, and he has been instrumental in leading TMH to its long-time position as #1 in the fork truck industry in North America.

How To Apply

This is a free event brought to you by Lean Design Studio and hosted by Toyota Material Handling. To gain access to the event you need to apply with a company address. Emails with no company domains will not be accepted. Also, any companies that are direct competitors of Toyota Material Handling, specifically, will not be accepted to attend the event.

Private q&a session for VIP Members

Go beyond the webinar and the tour. Join us and Tom Lego, Toyota Branding Ambassador, for a private Q&A session. Available for members with a professional annual membership. If you are not a member yet, here is a great opportunity to not only attend this VIP session, but also to gain access to a treasure trove of courses, roadmaps, books, worksheets and even simulation modeling software included in the Studio. Click on the button below to view a detailed information page about the Studio, and enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the event be recorded?

Toyota Material Handling has requested that the event not be recorded. You’ll have to be physically present to take part.

Can I get access to the VIP Q&A session with free pass?

No. You’ll need to sign up for an annual Professional membership (which gives you a free month!).

Can I get a membership discount for a group?

Yes! It is not published, but we can provide a discount code for groups of 3 plus. Click on the button below to schedule a quick call to discuss.

Will you be holding on-site events in the future at the Toyota factory?

Yes, that is our expectation. Once TMH deems that it is safe to invite outsiders into the plant, they have expressed their willingness to resume the live and on-site workshops and tours. This will most likely not be until 2022.

The Toyota factory tours were of high value. Likewise excellent coverage of Mixed Model Manufacturing...one of the most important Lean subjects there is! I really enjoyed it, Richard. Very, very beneficial.
Bruce Smythe
President INTERIM Executive Management