1.6 Prepare Current State Value Stream Map [STREAM*] Copy

Draw Current State Value Stream Map of the Target Area. Clearly define process names. Identify and document all delays. Analyze Value-Added vs. non-VA time, distances, disconnected processes. Record or estimate average process times. Calculate Lead Time and Value Added Time. Calculate VAT/LT ratio and document in an electronic format.

If you already have experience with the Value Stream Mapping method, this step should be straightforward. If you are new to this technique, the original and best reference book is titled Learning to See by Rother and Shook. This workbook is an easy read and will get you started quickly.

Don’t take too much time on this step, since you’ll be coming back to a Value Stream analysis during data collection. If you are experienced with the Target Area already, it should be possible to complete the Current State Value Stream in a few hours. If you’re not 100% sure about the data box elements, just use estimates for the time being.

Objective: Document the Current State of the Target Area using the VSM methodology.
Key Result: Publish the Current State VSM and upload to the Lean Design Studio.