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1.9 Create Master Plan [STREAM*] Copy


Once you have selected your Target Area, based on the criteria described above and the potential benefits to be achieved, you are ready to create an action plan or a Lean Master Plan. In this plan, you define the activities or tasks that you will be completing, who will be responsible for this work, and the time frame in which it will occur.

The easiest way to create a Master Plan document is to use a project management software tool. Assigning dates, resources and many other parameters, and giving you a tool for tracking these activities, is what this software does best. Value will be created when you actually implement the process improvements you’ve been planning, and not before. Your Master Plan should be concise and to the point, and you should get it done quickly and move forward.

The Line Design Workbook contains a tab called the Master Plan. Complete this worksheet with the information completed so far. Include tasks and schedule, cost-benefit analysis, paybacks, assigned responsibilities. Obtain top management sign-off and ownership.

Note that the stages and major sections of the Line Design Roadmap has been entered into this worksheet. Feel free to add additional Tasks as desired.

Upload a copy of the Line Design Workbook when you’re ready in order to complete this Task. You are now ready to explore in detail the proven methods for implementing a Lean process. The journey has just begun!

Objective: Create an initial Master Plan that identifies the major milestones, time-frames, and resources required.
Key Result: Complete the Master Plan worksheet in the Line Design Workbook.

Complete and upload the Master Plan Excel workbook that you downloaded previously.