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1.3 Complete Self-Assessment [STREAM*] Copy

Conduct a Lean-focused assessment of Target Area, in a number of different categories, by completing a Self-Assessment provided in Excel. The results graph (shown in a different tab) indicates the Lean maturity of the Target Area for each category. Complete this assignment as a team, and when complete upload the assessment back to the Lean Design Studio for review by your mentor.

Validate your Target Area choice and identify high-level areas of weakness and opportunity for improvement. Some areas may require special attention during the implementation. In rare cases the Self-Assessment will lead the team to select a new Target Area because of low level of maturity.

It is important to have a formal method or structure to measure your readiness for the Lean journey, as well as measure your progress along the way. You’ll want to take an assessment periodically, to compare results and measure your rate of progress.

How long should it take to get through the assessment for your site? This depends, of course, on where you’re starting from. It’s likely that even companies that are fairly mature in their Lean journey need to do some preparation work, especially in the area of training and planning. Others may need to begin their journey with inventory management or basic housekeeping. Just don’t take too long; your competitors aren’t waiting around for you. The big jump in benefits and performance will come when you actually design and implement your new flow line, so you still have many miles ahead!

Objective: Document a baseline set of measurements on the Current State of the Target Areas performance.
Key Result: Deliverable is a completed Self-Assessment Excel workbook. File will need to be uploaded in order to complete this task.

Your assignment for this phase is to complete this Implementation Self-Assessment as a team. You'll find a series of questions about the "Current State" of the target area that you have selected to work on. This is intended to be a back-of-the-napkin assessment, so make your way through it as a team fairly quickly. Add your project name to the Excel filename for future identification, and upload it back to the Lean Design Studio.

Implementation Self-Assessment Tool