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Task 7.2 Define Locations

On the left side of the Spreadsheet, find row titled “Locations”.  Based on your analyses as illustrated above, determine the number of locations required for each process (some of which include both labor and machine.  Enter that number for each process. 

Then, in leftmost cell of row titled “Total Labor Resources”, build a formula to sum all the required labor resources across the spreadsheet, and round the sum to 1 decimal place.

Finally, in leftmost cell of row titled “Total Locations”, sum all the required locations, or footprints.

Save all your work on the Resource Calculation Spreadsheet, which will be a key source document for creating your Conceptual Line Design in Exercise #9!    

People = STwLABOR / TaktLeave the result fractional and round up for the entire line or based on feeder grouping and ability to flex.
Workstations = STwLABOR / TaktSame formula as above, but usually round up per process.
Machines = STwMACHINE / TaktThis formula applies to machines that run one piece at a time. Usually round up in the process. ST is from piece to piece.
Pieces = STwMACHINE / TaktApplies to multi-spindle or batch machines. Calculates required capacity in units per machine batch – as test tubes in a centrifuge – to achieve Takt.