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Task 2.4: Calculate Process Throughput (Volume By Process)

You now know the VOL per product, and the volume of finished units to be produced at the end of the Mixed Model line. However, in order to design individual processes you must understand the volume at the process level. This is the Throughput by Process.

Calculate the throughput for each process:  going down each column, sum the VOLs for all products with an “X” in that column, and enter that sum in the Throughput by Process row on the Process Matrix form. Remember that if the product does not require a process, that VOL must not be included.  Here is the Excel formula;  it reads “for all cells in Process Column D containing an “x”, sum the VOL in Column C.”


Read across the Throughput by Process row and note the wide range of volumes for the nine processes.  We calculate resources by process in order to achieve a balanced flow for mixed model production.