ZigaForm version 6.1.2

3.6 Record Work Step Times [STREAM*] Copy

Document and classify the time for each work element in the SWD form. Take a sampling of times with a variety of different operators if possible. Capture average times, not the fastest or slowest operator. Classify the times appropriately according to setup (attended vs unattended) conversion labor, conversion machine, etc.

Do not include adjustment factors in your times, like “Fatigue and Delay” factors. These factors may be added to your Resource Calculation later, but try to keep the work content times “pure”. You should be able to audit the times by directly observing the work.

It is important when timing work to communicate to the operators that you are attempting to document reasonable and generous times. Workers will have the tendency to speed up or slow down (depending on your company culture), which will have an impact on the resource calculations to come.

Objective: Document reasonable and generous times for each work step or task for both machine and labor times.
Key Result: Reasonable work content times that will be used for line balancing and for resource calculations.