ZigaForm version 6.1.2

3.3 Document Work Steps [STREAM*] Copy

Document each discrete work step on the SWD form for every product/process combination. Don’t worry about work content times yet. The level of detail needed will depend on the total work content and the volume. This is not a time and motion study. A good rule to follow is to capture tasks as short as possible without documenting individual motions.

As an option record the work content using a video camera or your smart phone. It is very useful to capture work times, and to be able to review the steps carefully. Obtain permission from the Operators before video recording them.

Tip: Create a tracking worksheet by copying your Process Flow Matrix (in the Line Design Workbook). For every “X” you will need to have a Standard Work Definition. Replace the “X” with the SWD ID that you assign to each unique Standard Work Definition.

Objective: Complete the task documentation for all product/process combinations.
Key Result: A library of standard work definitions defined to the work step or task level.