3.4 Audit Work Steps [STREAM*] Copy

Task 3.4 is important because Standard Work is important. It is unlikely that a process will be documented correctly and completely the first time, or that the team documenting the work is familiar with all of the details. While there will be future opportunities to refine and improve this documentation, this additional audit step is added to require a review by the people who actually do the work.

Observe a number of different Operators, and review the documented tasks with them. Agree on the optimum sequence of steps, especially when differences were observed.

Tip: Use the Standard Work Definition tracking worksheet created in Task 3.3 to also track this audit process. Mark the SWD ID in bold or change the font color to indicate that the Standard Work Definition has been reviewed.

Objective: Audit the Standard Work Definitions with operators, and make any required corrections.
Key Result: Standard Work Definitions have been checked and agreed-upon with people who do the work.