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3.2 Plan the Standard Work Project [STREAM*] Copy

Identify and assign team members from the MMLD team or a specialty team to create the SWDs. By looking at all the “X” from the Process Flow Matrix, you will be able to tell how many SWDs need to be written; one SWD per “X”. The Process Owner should be involved in the creation of the SWD, along with operators, engineering and Kaizen Leader guidance.

Select the SWD form that best suits the needs of the project. A variety of different SWD forms are possible, depending on the type of work being measured. There is a sample form included in the Line Design Workbook.

Objective: Form the Standard Work documentation team with the appropriate number of people from a variety of disciplines. Agree on the documentation format.
Key Result: Finalize the team and format and document it in the Line Design Workbook.