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2.7 Create Process Flow Matrix [STREAM*] Copy Copy

In the previous task you created a Process Flow Diagram or PFD for every product included in your line design. This Process Flow Diagram displays the relationships of  manufacturing  processes to make a product. The product/process relationships aid in establishing groups of products that are likely candidates to be built on the same line, as well as other critical information necessary to create the mixed-model flow line design. The tool used to help you display the relationships between the products you build and the processes you use to build them is the Process Flow Matrix.

A Process Flow Matrix is a table that lists the products in rows and the processes in columns.  Each  cell at the intersection of a row and a column indicates a process/product relationship. Once you have drawn the basic grid, fill in each cell. One PFD at a time, you place an “X” in the corresponding cell every time the PFD for a product shows the use of that process. Each product has a PFD indicating the sequence of processes the product requires. In most cases, products share manufacturing resources and manufacturing paths, and so they also share Process Flow Diagrams. Every “X” you see on a Process Flow Matrix indicates that a product requires the process indicated in the column heading.

The video below demonstrates the process of completing your Process Flow Matrix.

Objective: Organize products and processes into a matrix format to document the product/process relationships. This Process/Product matrix is the Process Flow Matrix.
Key Result: Complete the Process Flow Matrix worksheet in the Master Plan Workbook.