ZigaForm version 6.1.2

2.6 Create Process Flow Diagrams [STREAM*] Copy

Draw the relationship of processes to build a single unit of product in an individual chart, for each unique product flow. This is the definition of a Process Flow Diagram and each product on the product list will need to have a PFD assigned to it. It is very likely that a single PFD will reflect the process relationships for more than one product.

Save your PFDs in the Master Plan Workbook. You can create the PFDs using sticky notes, or draw them using Excel or another drawing tool. If you use sticky notes, take a picture of your final PFD and paste it into your Excel workbook, with a separate tab for each unique PFD.

Objective: Document the relationship of processes in a flow for every product on your product list. Note: they are not all different!
Key Result: A completed Process Flow Diagram for each product or family of products, to be used to create a Mixed Model Process Flow Diagram.