ZigaForm version 6.1.2

2.2 List All Products and Options [STREAM*] Copy Copy

Important: in the following steps you’ll be documenting the required line design data in your Line Design Workbook. In most cases you’ll be building a Line Design Process Flow Matrix (included as the first tab tab in the workbook).

In this step create a comprehensive list of all products, models and options manufactured in the target area(s). Make sure that all products that receive work content in any of the line’s processes are included in the list. Consider not only end items, but also spares, inter-factory products, and prototypes. Remember that anything that will put a resource demand on your value stream or production line will need to be included.

Here is a useful tip: if you have many individual product that are similar in work steps and work times, you can create a “representative part number” that represents this grouping of items. This can help reduce the number of products on your list and simplify data analysis.

Objective: Document all products, options and replacement parts to be included in the line design.
Key Result: Start building your Line Design Process Flow Matrix using the Line Design Workbook.