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Assign Material Conveyance Devices


This checklist is all about understanding the strengths and limitations of the six main conveyance methods used in designing a Material Flow System. Your decisions on conveyance will be documented in your final Materials Flow Plan, your PFEP analysis, and be based upon Mixed Model Line Design principles. Every item in your PFEP database should have a conveyance method assigned.

There are six basic conveyance methods used in factories today, and they range from the very simple to the complex. No one method is inherently the best. For each department, or category of parts, you will need to choose the conveyance that makes the most sense, and is the most efficient and economical.  Many companies need to manage large and heavy parts, so moving those by hand would be difficult or impossible.  On the other hand, a majority of individual part numbers are smaller and you have a variety of choices in the method of conveyance.