Train Mixed Model Work Flow Team


Conduct Mixed Model Line Design and Mixed Model Material Management workshops for the Line Design team. Choose the modality that works best for your circumstances. The best option is always live and on-site.

Implementation Leader Training. In addition to your management team, you need to train the people actually doing the work. Don’t take it personally, managers, but the people closest to the action (the gemba in Leanspeak) will be the ones leading your transformation projects, and the ones you’ll be relying on to generate most of the improvement ideas. These are the people that need to know the Lean details: designing pull system, material management, running employee involvement systems, implementing and sustaining standard work, creating the visual factory, and so on. This knowledge comes through doing, but formal classroom training is also important. A general three-day introduction to Lean is recommended, in addition to any specialized training that might be needed. The comments made above regarding the need for teaching ability also apply to your implementation leaders.