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By the end of the Mixed Model Manufacturing program, your freshly optimized Lean production line will be live, your processes will flow together seamlessly, your staff will be certified in designing Mixed Model production lines, and you will have a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable Lean culture.

Click on the START button below to view an introduction to Mixed Model Manufacturing, or scroll down to read more about the Lean Design Studio. Click on the JOIN TODAY! button below to jump to information about the different membership levels.

Introduction to Mixed Model Manufacturing and the Lean Design Studio

The START section of the Lean Design Studio is intended for people just getting started with Mixed Model Manufacturing, or want to get a quick refresher on the subject. Currently there are six courses (multi-lesson presentations) on  Flow Manufacturing, Lean Process Design, and Lean Material Management. Focused videos on specialized topics like Kanban, Lean History, and the Toyota Production System can also be found here. Finally, we have included some tools: the Lean Benefits Calculator, and a tools to estimate the Total Cost of Procurement. All of these resources are included in the Free Membership Level.

The EXPLORE area of the Lean Design Studio is the home of the full Mixed Model Line Design and Mixed Model Material Management courses. There are the same courses that we have been teaching at Toyota since 2012. Another essential course in this section is a Crash Course in Simulation Modeling. The Studio includes a simulation modeling system, and this course is the best way to get started. The EXPLORE section also includes over 20 short videos on specialized advanced topics. All of this material is included in the Student and Professional Membership levels.

The LEARN area of the Studio is where we host the Certification Tracks for Line Design, Material Management and Simulation Modeling. To earn a formal certification in each subject, you will need to complete a series of courses, pass an extensive final exam, and also completed a project. Ideally the project would yield real benefits in your company (and we will help you define the project). If you don’t have a “real” project available, the Studio will provide you with one. Your project will also benefit from live feedback from the Lean Design Studio staff. 

The SIMULATE area of the Lean Design Studio is where you will find the Lean Design Simulator, related training videos, and a complete User Guide. The Simulator is a discrete-event simulation engine that runs in a Chrome or FireFox browser. The model building and the model analysis is all done using a spreadsheet (Excel or Google Sheets). Simulation modeling is a key skill that most Lean Specialists don’t have, but should. The Lean Design Simulator makes it possible, and is included in the Student and Professional Membership levels, as well as all higher levels.

The STREAM program combines two elements of a Mixed Model Manufacturing implementation program: 1) the need to train your team in the methodology and 2) the desirability to follow a proven implementation Roadmap. In the STREAM program, focused on Workflow Design, your team will complete the online training course, and immediately implement that lesson on a real and substantial improvement project. By the end of the course the team will have not only completed the course lessons, but they will have also launched a Line Design project. Lean Design Studio experts will guide your team remotely for each step of the way. We expect STREAM programs to achieve a 10 to 1 Return On Investment.

The LINKED Material Management implementation program is structured like the STREAM program, but with a focus on the design and implementation of a material delivery system based on Lean principles. Like the STREAM program, the staff from the Lean Design Studio will be a part of your team, and lead weekly review meetings, and respond to questions via the online forum.

The HEAL Lean Hospital section of the Lean Design Studio contains courses, webinars and a Memory Jogger program for members of the healthcare community. The content and examples are from a healthcare perspective, and have been used on many Lean programs in hospitals.

Who Have We Trained and Coached?

This is a partial list of the companies that we have worked with on Mixed Model Manufacturing (MMM) improvement projects, or have trained in MMM in our public and private workshops, including those hosted by Toyota Material Handling.

Advanced Lighting Technology
B/E Aerospace
Baker Hughes
Ball Aerospace
The Boeing Group
Borg Warner
CCX Corporation
CNH Reman
Daimler Trucks North America
Emerson Electric
Fender Musical Instruments
Fox Racing Shox
Hayward Industries
Ingersoll Rand
John Deere
The Linde Group
MacLean Power Systems

Parker Hanifin
Performance Composites
Performance Excellence Pathways
Performance Fibers
Quality Electrodynamics
RBC / Aircraft Products
Rolls-Royce Corporation
S&C Electric Company
Schutt Sports
Spellman High Voltage
Spirit AeroSystems
Stanley Black & Decker
Stant Corporation
Superior Industries
Thermo King
United Performance Metals
US Endoscopy


Feature Free Professional Certification


Mixed Model Line Design

Mixed Model Material Management

Crash Course in Simulation Modeling

Introduction to Mixed Model Line Design

Introduction to Flow Manufacturing

Introduction to Material Management

Simulation Modeling for Lean Professionals

Certification Exam and Project

Mixed Model Line Design Certification

Mixed Model Material Management Certification

Mixed Model Simulation Modeling Certification

Simulation Modeling Software

Lean Design Simulator Engine

Lean Design Simulator Training Videos

Additional Mixed Model Training

Lean Basics Video Series (START)

Advanced Mixed Model Line Design Methods (EXPLORE)

Advanced Material Flow Methods

Mixed Model Simulation Tips

Other Mixed Model Tools

Lean Benefits Calculator

Lean Design Studio User Forum

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Free Membership

$0 / month
  • Access to select online courses: Intro to Line Design, Intro to Material Management, Intro to Flow Manufacturing, Crash Course in Simulation Modeling
  • Full access to the Lean Basics area of the Studio.
  • Download a copy of The Complete Guide to Mixed Model Line Design
  • Post questions and comments in the online Forum
  • No credit card required

Professional Level

$47 / month
  • Yearly Membership Available ($499). One month free!
  • Access to all online courses: Line Design, Material Management, Simulation Modeling
  • Access to the Lean Design Simulator and support documentation and videos
  • Access to the Lean Basics and Advanced Topics sections of the Studio.
  • Download a copy of The Complete Guide to Mixed Model Line Design
  • 24/7 support via an online Forum
  • Yearly Membership eligible for VIP Bonus programs, including Toyota tours.

Who We Are

Leonardo Group Americas was founded by Richard Rahn and Gerard Leone, industry vets with 25+ years of experience. They are the authors of eight books on Lean subjects, including The Complete Guide to Mixed Model Line Design. Since 2011 they have partnered with Toyota Material Handling to present workshops on the subjects of Mixed Model Line Design and Mixed Model Material Management to thousands of Industrial Engineers and Lean Professionals.

The Lean Design Studio is the culmination of the tools and the methodologies that these two experts have developed over their two decades in the industry. The Lean Design Studio combines online versions of our core training courses with a newly developed simulation tool, designed specifically for Mixed Model Manufacturing applications.