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Mixed Model Manufacturing for Kaizen Events

A Lean Design Studio Special Event

Thursday, September 23, 2021 @ 02:00pm Eastern

A lion’s share of the bottom line benefits of Lean come from the basics of industrial engineering, including the design of a balanced work flow, a solid material delivery process and supply chain, and a flexible and trained workforce. Without a solid process design in place, 80% or more of the benefits of Lean are left on the table. If you’re familiar with the “House of Lean” image, we are talking about the very foundation of the structure, with standardization being especially important.

But here’s the rub: opportunities for a total makeover in a manufacturing company are rare. Production lines, especially those with a significant amount of mechanization and automation, are not redesigned very often. If you have the opportunity to participate in a large “kaikaku-level” project, you should take advantage of it, but these types of changes are rare. More common and accessible are “kaizen-level” improvement projects. These can range for just-do-it ideas to team-based events lasting three to five days. This webinar will focus on the application of Mixed Model Manufacturing to these types of efforts.

Here are some of the topics that we’ll be covering in this webinar:

  • What Is Mixed Model Manufacturing?

    Not everyone attending the webinar may be familiar with the term and what it means. It makes sense to start with some definitions, and how MMM could be applied to a Kaizen-level improvement opportunity.

  • Picking The Target Area

    Where you focus your Mixed Model efforts can make a big difference in your outcomes. For example, if you select an area that is too ambitious, you run the risk of not completing the work during the relatively short time allowed. If the area is too small (and this rarely happens) you will fail to achieve enough impact and the benefits will also be small. Picking an area that is not on the critical path will have zero benefit on total lead-time. We will be reviewing an area selection checklist that you can download.

  • The Kaizen Schedule

    Although this schedule is subject to modification, we'll review what actually happens in a Mixed Model Manufacturing Kaizen Event. Of special importance is the preparation phase. There are many things that can and should be done ahead of time, and a failure to complete the pre-work will put the success of the event at risk.

  • Sustaining a Mixed Model Culture

    No matter how successful the initial project is, if it is not sustained then the entire event is wasted. Fortunately the Mixed Model approach is highly structured, so that it is easier to see and know when you're getting off track in the future. We'll review Mixed Model KPIs, and how you can use them to keep a spotlight on sustainability.

The webinar is hosted by the Lean Design Studio, and here’s how you can join us:

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2. Connect to the webinar by logging in and clicking on the webinar link provided on your Lean Design Studio dashboard page. You will be receiving reminder emails as the time approaches. You don’t need to register for the webinar if you are already a member of the Studio.

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