Lean Consultant: There’s an AI for That!

About The Webinar
Unless you’ve been meditating in a cave this year, or exploring the Amazon without a cellphone connection, you’ve probably been inundated with news about AI. Every day there seems to be a new announcement from Google, Microsoft, Meta, and hundreds of others about new developments. There are YouTube channels focused on this, and a ton of articles and newsletters.

There’s a website called “There’s an AI for That” that is attempting to stay on top of developments by logging and categorizing AI apps, and cross-referencing them to specific job titles. There is even one for “Lean Consultant” that reports an AI impact score of 30%, over 2,000 apps, and 290 specific tasks. Wow.
But are these apps really useful? In this webinar we’ll be reviewing the main task categories, and identifying specific apps that exist today and that you may want to investigate further. We’ll be looking at existing AI apps that relate to the top 10 tasks (out of the 290) that are expected to impact Lean Consultants most strongly:

Business Process Analysis
Case Studies
Task Assistants
Decision Making
ChatGPT for Spreadsheets
Customer Insights
Freelance Job Proposals
Goal Achieving
Human Behavior
Model Generation
Team Management

Potential New Apps
We will also spend some time looking at potential AI apps that don’t yet exist (as far as we know). ​​​​​​​There are also applications that don’t need a specialized app at all, that can be accomplished by using ChatGPT or other LLMs directly!