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80% of Lean Benefits come from Lean Industrial Engineering. ..but only 20% of Lean Professionals have the skills!

Lean Manufacturing is an Amazing Set of Tools and Practices…but only a Few of Them Produce Substantial Bottom-line Benefits. Accomplish Something Amazing With This Membership: Mastery of Mixed Model Manufacturing.

Even highly Experienced and capable Lean Professionals and Material Flow Specialists Still struggle with these issues, in spite of years of improvement work

Surely there has to be a better way. After all, there are many organizations who are sustaining their Lean gains. Think about how amazing it would be if you could…

Build Your “House of Lean” on a solid foundation…

Exactly What Is Mixed Model Manufacturing?

When Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production System, was asked what the TPS was all about, he laughed and said “It’s really just Toyota-style Industrial Engineering!”. 

Of course he was being a bit coy, since the Toyota Production System has evolved into an amazing collection of methods and ways of thinking that have made Toyota one of the most successful manufacturing companies in history! Industrial engineering is a requirement and a given within Toyota.

The shocking truth, however, is that most Lean professionals today working both inside companies and outside as independent consultants, don’t have a solid understanding of this foundation knowledge and skill. We recently conducted an internal poll, and only 1 out of 5 Lean Specialists claimed to have a solid knowledge of Lean Industrial Engineering, or what we call Mixed Model Manufacturing.


This short video defines and reviews the subject, so that you can determine if this is a skill you need to master.


What's In It for You? What are the Main Benefits of your Membership?

Supercharge Your Career

The best way to demonstrate your capabilities is by achieving results, and the Lean Design Studio implementation roadmaps will help you do this in a big way. You can also supercharge your resume and credentials by pursuing the certificate and certification programs available within the Studio.

Master the Skills

We have taken the in-depth workshops that we teach at Toyota and other leading Lean companies, and put them online. There are three main certificate and skill tracks that you can pursue: Mixed Model Line Design, Mixed Model Material Management, and Mixed Model Simulation Modeling.

Join the Community

Become a member of a world-wide community of process improvement experts, benefit from their expertise and contribute your own. Join us for live events and webinars on our private Facebook group. Post questions and comments for the group. You can also tap directly into the expertise of the Lean Design Studio experts via weekly "Office Hours" Zoom meetings.

Sing Together

You can make beautiful music together as a team, but only if you are all singing off the same song sheet. Many organizations tend to "lose the recipe" for Mixed Model Manufacturing, even after outstanding initial success. People retire, get promoted, and new people join the organization. Training everyone in a common Mixed Model roadmap will reduce the risk of backsliding.

Model Your Designs

You would never build an airplane without testing it first in a wind tunnel, right? So why would you make process changes without testing them first? The Studio includes access to the Lean Design Simulator, an easy-to-learn simulation modeling tool designed specifically for Value Stream and Line Design modeling.

Develop Deep Knowledge

There are many specialized subjects that you need to know as a Mixed Model designer: how to create sequencing rules, the four flexing methods, setting optimum buffer sizes, how to manage product options, when to not use Kanban. These are covered in focused courses in the Lean Design Studio.

Hey There, We're Here To Help...

The Lean Design Studio was createdby Richard Rahn and Gerard Leone, industry vets with 25+ years of experience in Lean coaching and training. They are the authors of eight books on Lean subjects, including The Complete Guide to Mixed Model Line Design and Fundamentals of Flow Manufacturing. Since 2011 they have partnered with Toyota Material Handling to present workshops on the subjects of Mixed Model Line Design and Mixed Model Material Management to thousands of Industrial Engineers and Lean Professionals.
The Lean Design Studio is the culmination of the tools and the methodologies that these two experts have learned and developed over their decades of hands-on process improvement work. The Studio combines online versions of our core training courses with a newly developed simulation tool, designed specifically for Mixed Model Manufacturing applications.
Gerard Leone and Richard Rahn

All Members Get Full Access To:

Line Design Certificate Program

Set your goal to earn a Certificate in Mixed Model Line Design by completing a series of courses on the subject.

Material Management Certificate Program

Earn a Certificate in Mixed Model Material Management by mastering Plan For Every Part (PFEP), setting optimum inventory quantities, diving deep on designing Kanban systems and much more.

Lean Design Simulator Software

Get started quickly and master Simulation Modeling with our Lean Design Simulation. All data entry and data analysis is done with a tool you already know: Excel. The simulation processing itself is "black boxed" to reduce the learning curve.

LDS Private Forum

This can be the most valuable part of the Studio. Share your questions and comments, attend live streaming sessions, participate in live "Master Mind" sessions with your colleagues.

Leonardo Group Resource Library

We have a vast collection of incredible tools, videos, courses, webinars and assessments that we have developed over the past 25 year, all on the subject of Mixed Model Manufacturing. Plan on weekly and sometimes daily updates to the studio!

Mixed Model Implementation Roadmaps

It's not enough to simple take courses and learn. If you stop there, your efforts are 100% non-value-adding! But implementation is confusing, unless you use a roadmap or checklist. We have developed roadmaps for the most important Lean value streams.

Here's what People Are Saying About Our Publications and Courses

Excellent! This is an excellent class that needs cross-functioned group participation (Ops, ME, Material Flow, Supply Management, Supervisors). Excellent instructor!
Wade Morrison
John Deere
You have a winner on your hands. Leone and Rahn have taken the mystery out of flow implementation. The analogies and examples are not only interesting but also very timely and appropriate. I will make this a staple in my organization!
Robert C. Gaydos
The Trane Company
This is the best flow presentation I've read and I've read many books on the subject. It gives both a rich theoretical background as well as very practical step-by-step instructions. The book will be one of the fundamental resources on flow and Lean manufacturing.
Celal Kaplan
President, Kaplan Business Group
A must-read for executives. Our own successful experience with flow manufacturing confirms what the authors claim: that no cookbook approach can deal with the myriad differences among real companies. Fundamentals of Flow Manufacturing clearly shows how flow can be implemented, not as a high-level overview, but with real detail and examples. Even experienced practitioners will benefit greatly.
Dan Hammons
Site Manager, Northrup Grumman

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of person is this membership best suited to?

We would like to think that anyone who works for a manufacturing organization would benefit, but the primary audience includes Manufacturing Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Material Flow Specialists, Supply Chain Specialists, Continuous Improvement Professionals, and anyone who manages the aforementioned group.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Within the first 30 days we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. After that period you may cancel at any time but your subscription will run until the end of the current enrollment period. 

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

Yes, of course. If you upgrade to an annual membership, it will start at the end of your current month-to-month enrollment period.

Is all of the content available right away or is it time-released (drip-fed)?

All content is available right away, with the exception of our “Memory Jogger” programs. These lessons will be automatically released weekly.

Do you offer a trial membership so I can test it out?

We don’t have a trial membership per se, but if you find that you are not a good fit for the Lean Design Studio, you can cancel your membership and get a full refund within the first 30 days.