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How to Bullet-Proof Your Kanban System

About The Webinar:

There are many opportunities for “leaks” in a Kanban system. Paper cards can get lost or not turned in. Usage can shift for individual items, requiring adjustments to the Kanban quantities and number of bins. Delivery cycles may also be erratic, and put at rise on-time delivery to the Points of Use. All of the these issues become even more impactful if you are attempting to move to a Just In Time delivery strategy, with very low inventories stocked at the workstations. No wonder that many companies say “We tried Kanban, but it didn’t work for us.”

In this webinar we’ll walk through the various process steps of a Kanban system one by one, identify the potential failure modes for each step, and share both simple and more complex ways to plug the leaks. The result will be a robust Kanban system that will allow production to run with both low inventories and low number of line shortages.

Some of the Strategies we will cover:

1. Why paper Kanban cards may still be your best option versus electronic Kanban.
2. Why waiting for the Kanban bin to be empty before signaling for replenishment may be cutting it too close in a Just In Time environment.
3. What happens if an operator forgets to turn in a card?
4. What happens if the paper cards are not picked up during a delivery cycle?
5. How can you automate Kanban quantity maintenance, to automatically adjust the number of bins as demand changes?
6. Why assigning an ID to every container makes sense.