Lean Hospital Books

Lean in the OR

This easy-to-read book covers some of the main elements of a Lean Hospital initiative, including the concept of waste as it applies to the OR, the glaring weaknesses of the Par Level method of supplies management (and an alternative), the Lean system of Quick Changeover in the OR, the importance of standardization using simple tools like checklists, and the central goal of staff engagement.

Lean Training Games in the OR

Just about everyone learns best by doing. Some common Lean simulations include the Batch Versus Flow exercise, where students will build a classroom product in batch mode and then in flow mode, and compare the results. These exercises can be real eye-openers for the students, because the performance difference between the two scenarios is so great.

Quick Changeover in the OR

Quick Changeover refers to the ability to prepare an OR suite or patient room for the next procedure or patient, in the minimum time possible, without errors, and without rushing. Quick Changeover has been a core method in the world of manufacturing, but the same basic approach can be applied to the changeover of an OR suite, a patient room, or any case where we need to improve asset utilization.

Supplies Management in the OR

This book describes the Kanban method in detail from the OR perspective and for application in the OR. However, the contents of this book apply to the hospital in general as well, and the Kanban method has application in Central Stores, on nursing floors, in the ED, and any place where supplies are used and stored.

Roadmap for the Lean Hospital

This book is aimed at hospital leaders desiring to make their hospital a Lean Hospital. It provides a step-by-step recommended implementation path, including tangible tools and knowledge that will enable you to avoid reinventing the wheel and achieve results quickly. The content of the Roadmap for the Lean Hospital book was developed based on the instructor's hands-on experience implementing the tools and principles of Lean in hospitals across the United States since 2002.

Value Stream Mapping in the OR

One of the first steps in a Lean initiative is the development of Value Stream Maps, flowcharts that document all of the processes required to deliver a product or service from start to finish. A hospital will have many different value streams that will need to be developed, including the work done in the OR. This readable book presents the Lean Roadmap for Value Stream Mapping in the OR, the steps needed to successfully complete a Value Stream Mapping project.