Estimate Lean Benefits – Lean Benefits Calculator

About The Webinar

Most improvement projects other than very small ones require some estimate of the potential benefit or Return On Investment. And to be clear, if the only thing needed is your time, that still can add up to a serious investment. Even if it’s a “back of the napkin” estimate, a quantification of the potential of your Lean project is needed. 
Side note: after all, if you can’t come up with an estimate of benefits, should you even be working on this project?

We have create an online “Lean Benefits Calculator” that allows you to enter estimates for a variety of benefit categories. You can then modify the estimates of the potential change to produce a consolidated report on the potential of your Lean project, expressed in dollars (euros, pesos, etc.). 

In this webinar I will be covering the main Lean benefits that can be quantified, and conducting a training session in the use of the Lean Benefits Calculator. Webinar participants get unrestricted and free access to the tool.