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Task 8.5: Set Daily Changeovers

Set the Daily Changeovers for each molded part number in order to achieve the Number of Changeovers Possible, in an iterative process. Start with attempting to do one changeover per day for every item, and add up the number of changeovers in a day. If this value is greater than the Number of Changeovers Possible, decrease the number of changeovers per day. If a changeover is desired every two days, enter 0.5 in the Daily Changeovers column (where 0.5 represents half of a day). Note that you don’t need to have the same frequency of changeover for every item. Low volume parts can be run less frequently, while high runners should be run more often. The total Daily Changeovers needs to be equal to or less than the Number of Changeovers Possible. There is no one right answer, although some combinations will result in less Supermarket inventory.