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Task 7.1: Enter the formula above in all the process cells on row titled “Required Resources”

Review the data calculated, and display to 2 decimal places.  

Interpreting the calculated resource requirements.  Now,look at each process column’s result, keeping in mind that some processes involve both labor and material resources.  The following examples will guide you.  (The numbers are illustrations; your actual results may vary!)

  • Final Assy:  8.3 labor resources; no machinery.  Leave at fractional number for people, but round up to provide 9 workspaces (here, probably assembly benches).  So, 9 “Locations”.
  • E-Test:  0.89 labor; 0.89 machines.   Round up to 1.0 machine (can’t have a fraction of a machine); operator will work most of the time at that machine, so just 1 “Location”.
  • Mold:  0.19 labor; 0.65 machine.  Round up to 1.0 machine; operator will work at that machine, and have time to flex to a related process.  Hint:  what nearby process might that operator flex to?  1 Location for Mold.