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Task 2.3 Create A Process Matrix

Once the Process Flow Diagrams for all products have been created, and you have developed the Mixed Model PFD from the individual PFDs, you must organize the information related to the process-product relationships.  You will develop and use a Process Matrix to organize the PFD data; with this tool, you will then be able to quantify the amount (or lack of) of process commonality among products, as well as build the spreadsheet to calculate resources required for each process of the Mixed Model line. 

Complete the Process Matrix form provided below.  Column 1, “Part #”, and Column 2, “Description”, have been populated with data on the nine products.  Column 3, “VOL”, should already be filled in with the Designed Daily Volume for each product as calculated in Exercise 1.  Column heads have been inserted for the remaining nine columns with process names in the order of flow.  The last column head on the right is obviously “Pack”. Then proceeding along each product’s row, place an “X” in the process column if that product requires that process.  For example, the product DR12 will have an “X” for Mold, Wiring, E-Test, Motor Assy, Final Assy, Test, and Pack.  

PROCESS MATRIX / Resource Calculations
P/NDESCRIPTIONVOLMoldGrindWire  AssyE-TestMandrelMotorF AssyTestPack
DR12Drill 56.0  
DR54Drill 84.0         
DR11Drill 65.0         
SD04Belt Sander 3.2         
CS87Circular Saw 64.0         
OS31Orbital Sander 76.0         
OS01Orbital Sander 8.0         
CH96Chain Saw 54.0         
CH09Chain Saw 46.0         
Total Volume456.2