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Task 9.1: Conceptual Line Layout

Start at the end of the line, with the PACK process, and lay out the resource cards in accordance with the Mixed Model Process Flow Diagram, working upstream. Optimize the flow based on the highest volume processes. Decide if a process will work in a sequential flow, in parallel as “single station build” workstations, or in some hybrid arrangement.

Hint 1: Analyze the work content variability for each process, to see if it merits breaking the process into separate cells or sub-lines by work content.

Hint 2: The machine in the PACK process is a taping/wrapping machine. Every finished unit must go through this machine.

Hint 3: The TEST process work cannot be divided. The entire test will be done on a single machine.

Hint 4: Your pack of cards contains a Supermarket card. It is there for a reason. Where does it go? Why?

Place the desired pull signal method between each workstation and/or each process.

Remember to document your Conceptual Layout in your Line Design Workbook and upload it to the Lean Design Studio to get credit for this activity.