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Task 5.1: Establish Effective Minutes

Study the chart below titled “Effective Work Minutes”; you will use this information for building the Resource Calculations spreadsheet in the next Exercises.  The times shown here for lunch, breaks, etc. are examples used throughout the pTool exercise.  When designing a Mixed Model line in your own facility, be sure to obtain reliable work and break time data for all departments and processes involved.  A work minute can only be effective if the employee, or machine, is actually present and prepared at the work location.

After reviewing this chart, enter the Effective Work Minutes for each process on the Resource Calculation Spreadsheet in the row just below Throughput by Process.  Note that the Mold and Grind processes will run 2 shifts per day, and all other processes will run 1 shift.  Express all times in minutes.

ActivityTime (Minutes)
Total Time On-Site 8½ Hrs510
     Break AM(15)
     Break PM(15)
     CPI Meeting(18)
Effective Work Minutes / One Shift420
EWM – Mold & Grind) / Two Shifts840