Build Models with One Click!

About The Webinar

At the Leonardo Group our wheelhouse expertise is Mixed Model Manufacturing. The process of designing a high-performing Value Stream, similar to the way that Toyota does it, includes gathering process and demand data, calculating takt time and resources, creating a conceptual layout, and testing and refining that proposed design by building a simulation model. What if this could be accomplished in a fraction of the time by using AI to write a series of Excel macros? That’s what we set out to do in this webinar.

The goal: collect the required data into a single structured Excel worksheet, and then with a single click build a simulation model that could be used to test the design.
Here are some of the macros we will be demonstrating in the webinar:

Format the Data Sheet Correctly: The data we will be collecting needs to be structured so that it can be processed correctly. A blank worksheet can be created automatically, providing that required structure.

Validate Your Work: Once the data worksheet has been developed, check your work with a validation step. This macro checks the formatting and looks for missing data.
Perform the Line Design Calculations. Automatically calculate takt time, resources and number of machines and people needed to achieve the target throughput.

Provide Feedback on Line Design Data: There are several rules of thumb that can be applied to your process data. For example, process times should fall within a limited range, or line balancing will become difficult. A macro can give you feedback on mixed model issues like this.

Build the Model: Once the input data is ready to go, a single click will create the inputs required by the Lean Design Simulator (our own simulation modeling software). Note that most commercial simulation software can also import model data from Excel, so this process is not limited to our own software.

Modify and Test Your Design: We will then demonstrate how the model can be used to improve the design and meet performance goals, before you do any implementation in the physical world.

ChatGPT was used in this test case to help with writing the macros. While some fine tuning of the macros was inevitable, the use of AI reduced the development time by an estimated 90%. Other than the time required to gather the demand and process data, all of the previous steps can be executed with a single click. Join us for this unique webinar and take a step into this new world! You don’t need to be an Excel guru.