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Author: Richard Rahn

Breakthrough: Using AI for Lean Data Mining

Many of you have been exploring the capabilities of ChatGPT and AI tools. One of the areas of high interest are in its use for “data mining” or data analysis. I wanted to see how well ChatGPT and Claude (a ChatGPT competitor) would be able to analyze our standard line design and simulation model data…

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Material Flow @ Toyota: What’s Different?

We’ve had the great priviledge over the last 10 years of being hosted by Toyota Material Handling to teach our public Mixed Model Manufacturing workshops. Naturally we keep our eyes and ears open to see how Toyota does things, and the one area that was most unexpected was their Material Flow system.

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Lean Model-Based Management

Model-building is certainly nothing new, and even computer simulation modeling has been around for quite a few decades. While certain disciplines, like weather forecasting, are almost 100% model-based, simulation modeling in manufacturing has generally…

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Will AI Replace Lean?

In this webinar we’ll explore the possibilities and extents to which the looming AI revolution could impact the world of Lean Manufacturing. We’ll divide the thought experiment into two levels: a level where AI is smarter than humans but does not have agency in the physical world, and…

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Why Lean Changes Don’t Sustain

The “7 Wastes of the Toyota Production System” are well-known, and include wastes like over-production, transportation, waiting, and excess inventory. But what about the waste of failing to sustain process improvements? In addition to failing to keep the benefits achieved…

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Why Simulation Modeling is a Lean Requirement

Are you seeking innovative ways to optimize your manufacturing processes in the era of “mass customization”? Do you find it challenging to design efficient processes while accounting for process variability? Look no further! We invite you to watch our exclusive webinar, “Why Simulation Modeling Is a…

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