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About the STREAM Program


Building products the right way, and getting good at that through repetition, is the pathway to building a Lean culture in a manufacturing company. How do we know what is the “right way”? We look to the best examples of excellence that we have: to companies that are achieving high productivity, high quality, high profitability, as well as an engaged and enthusiastic workforce.

These manufacturing companies typically apply what is called Flow Manufacturing. Taiichi Ohno, founder of the Toyota Production System, stated that the goal was to create a “River System” connecting all processes. This river, or flow, between processes is arguably the most important element of Lean Manufacturing.

The STREAM program walks you through the step-by-step method for implementing flow, not in a classroom but through an actual implementation project for a target area of your plant. The key to the STREAM Program is that you will get trained while you implement. By the end of this program, you’ll not only end up with a high-performing line, but you’ll be able to take the habits that you have built during the project and apply them to other areas of your company.

And that’s how you build a Lean Culture.


We have organized the STREAM Line Design Program into six stages. Participants in the STREAM Program have complete access to the entire methodology, as well as all of the tools, downloads, and worksheets necessary to design their own optimized production line. The program includes private and individualized coaching by the Lean Design Studio mentoring team.


Perform the preliminary planning and data collection steps that provide the foundation for a solid Process Design.


Perform data analysis and calculations to transform the current workflow into one where all processes are connected in a continuous flow.


Apply balancing tools to optimize work flow performance. Then ensure that design will meet performance goals with simulation modeling.


Create a CAD-based layout, including layers for facilities changes, material delivery and presentation. Use actual floor plan and dimensions.


The implementation phase where the design will be physically built, participants will be trained, and the line will begin working.


Engage the entire workforce in making improvements to their area, and empower supervisors and team leaders to lead the Kaizen effort.


We’ve made it easy for participants to track their progress as they work through the STREAM Program. Managers have the added ability to monitor the progress of their team by viewing each team member’s roadmap and course completion status, exam scores, and uploaded assignments.

Implementation Roadmap

Follow the proven principles that are needed to design a flow line. The result of our step-by-step methodology is a world-class Lean production line.

Certification Track

Online courses and certification in Mixed Model Line Design and Mixed Model Material Flow. Master the key principles to designing a flow line.

Simulation Software

Easy-to-use simulation modeling software designed specifically for Lean professionals and process design.

Advanced Topics

Access our library of advanced Lean training materials including exercises, simulation tips, and mini-courses.



While the STREAM and LINKED programs are a remote-support system, that doesn’t mean that live mentoring and coaching are not available. We envision three options:

  1. For non-urgent inquiries we will be providing a private online forum for questions and comments. We will respond within 24-hours to issues posted here.
  2. We will be scheduling weekly or bi-weekly private online live sessions with the Lean Design Studio mentorship team. Ideally these will happen at the same time every week, for ease of scheduling.
  3. We will schedule ad-hoc live online sessions as required for urgent discussions.


There are many great options available today to conduct online communications. Here is what we are currently using:

  1. Zoom for online video conferences. Options include Microsoft Team or Skype.
  2. A private online forum that is only available to your team members. This will be used for non-urgent communications, but we still committ to getting back to you quickly.
  3. Regular business email and text messaging. This is sometimes the best and fastest method to communicate with your coaching team.