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Recent Studio Content

Estimate Lean Benefits – Lean Benefits Calculator

Most improvement projects other than very small ones require some estimate of the potential benefit or Return On Investment. And to be clear, if the only thing needed is your time, that still can add up to a serious investment. Even if it’s a “back of the napkin” estimate, a quantification of the potential of your Lean project is needed…

Build Models with One Click!

At the Leonardo Group our wheelhouse expertise is Mixed Model Manufacturing. The process of designing a high-performing Value Stream, similar to the way that Toyota does it, includes gathering process and demand data, calculating takt time and resources, creating a conceptual layout, and testing and refining…

Build Your Own Lean Sensei!

Join us for an enlightening webinar on “Building Your Own Lean Sensei”, a revolutionary approach to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Lean Manufacturing principles. This session is meticulously designed for professionals seeking innovative solutions in enhancing their Lean Manufacturing processes…

Lean Consultant: There’s an AI for That!

Unless you’ve been meditating in a cave this year, or exploring the Amazon without a cellphone connection, you’ve probably been inundated with news about AI. Every day there seems to be a new announcement from Google, Microsoft, Meta, and hundreds of others about new developments…

Breakthrough: Using AI for Lean Data Mining

Many of you have been exploring the capabilities of ChatGPT and AI tools. One of the areas of high interest are in its use for “data mining” or data analysis. I wanted to see how well ChatGPT and Claude (a ChatGPT competitor) would be able to analyze our standard line design and simulation model data…