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Recent Studio Content

Designing The Perfect Value Stream

Value Stream Mapping is not a Design Tool. Value Stream Mapping has really taken hold as a Lean practice. It’s in the toolkit of every Lean practioner. But a big mistake is being made: using VSM as the primary tool to design production lines and cells. 21st Century Manufacturing = Mixed Models…

Creating a Virtual Factory. Build a Low-Cost Digital Twin

In the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial engineering, the concept of “digital twins” has emerged as a groundbreaking strategy that is revolutionizing how factories are conceived, designed, and optimized. We invite you to join us for an enlightening non-technical one-hour webinar that will delve into…

Respect for People, AI, and the Future of Lean Manufacturing

In the rapidly evolving world of manufacturing and process improvement, the convergence of Lean principles, Artificial Intelligence, and human development presents a transformative opportunity for industry. “Respect for People, AI, and the Future of Lean Manufacturing” a groundbreaking 1-hour podcast/webinar…

Estimate Lean Benefits – Lean Benefits Calculator

Most improvement projects other than very small ones require some estimate of the potential benefit or Return On Investment. And to be clear, if the only thing needed is your time, that still can add up to a serious investment. Even if it’s a “back of the napkin” estimate, a quantification of the potential of your Lean project is needed…

Build Models with One Click!

At the Leonardo Group our wheelhouse expertise is Mixed Model Manufacturing. The process of designing a high-performing Value Stream, similar to the way that Toyota does it, includes gathering process and demand data, calculating takt time and resources, creating a conceptual layout, and testing and refining…